here 1.0.1 (2020-12-13) Unreleased

  • Adapt to testthat 3.0.1.

here 1.0.0 (2020-11-15) 2020-11-15


  • New here::i_am() offers a new recommended way to declare the project root. Instead of relying on special files or directories that indicate the project root, each script and report now can declare its own location relative to the project root (#27).
  • dr_here() shows the initial and current working directory (#18, #55).


  • Improve readme and add “Getting started” vignette (#44, @sharlagelfand). Extend “Getting started” vignette with a detailed description of the behavior and use cases (#55).
  • Update ?here to address conflict with lubridate::here() (#37, @nzgwynn).
  • New “rmarkdown” vignette (#55).
  • set_here() is superseded in favor of here::i_am() (#61).
  • More explicit documentation for the ... argument to here() (#7).


  • Add testthat tests (#57).
  • Use GitHub Actions for checks (#52).
  • Requires rprojroot >= 2.0.1.
  • Re-license as MIT (#50).
  • Added Jennifer Bryan as contributor (#32).

here 0.1 (2017-01-25) 2017-05-28

Initial CRAN release.

  • Main function here()
    • Uses a fixed root that contains a .here file or can be either an RStudio project, an R package, a remake project, a Projectile project, or a VCS repository.
    • The root is established at package loading time, and shown with a message.
    • The current working directory is used as a fallback.
  • The set_here() function creates a .here file so that a directory is recognized as root by here().
  • The dr_here() function explains the reasoning of here() for the current session.